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Abandoned Outremont Pizzeria Hosts Fiery Pop-Up

Cooking With Fire heats up Moteur October 19, 20.

Moteur's oven fires up anew
Moteur's oven fires up anew

Moteur, the Outremont flash in the pan pizzeria that ground to a halt in June, plays host to a special pop-up tomorrow and Monday courtesy chefs Michael Dalla Libera (Nora Gray) and Dan Geltner (late of L'Orignal).

Geltner writes:

Set menu, $35 for food, Julien D'Aoust is gonna be making amazing cocktails! Everyone will be having so much fun! At the old Moteur space, which has an awesome wood burning oven, limited seating, so e-mail your resos today!

Four courses cooked on a wood-burning oven
$35 food
Beer, wine, Champagne, cocktails available
October 19-20
Seatings: 7:00, 7:30


5100 Hutchison, Montreal, QC H2V 4A9 514 270 4999