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Tripes & Caviar to Throw Underground Pop-Up Next Week

At a secret location.

Tripes & Caviar founder John Mike with maître d' Mélanie Aumais (left) and sous chef Sarah Bourdon
Tripes & Caviar founder John Mike with maître d' Mélanie Aumais (left) and sous chef Sarah Bourdon
Randall Brodeur

Tripes & Caviar returns to its roots next week with a pop-up at an undisclosed location. The Verdun restaurant made its name with such furtive food club events before it went brick and mortar two years ago. In an interview with Eater Montreal this past summer, chef and partner John Mike divulged that his heart is in Tripes & Caviar's genesis.

Well we never wanted a restaurant. It was the worst-case scenario. Even to this day I'm wondering why the fuck I did it. I understood the hours. I grew up in the restaurant business and I knew what it was all about. So I was like, never. Never. Forget about it. There's not enough money in it. So that's why I started Tripes & Caviar - to do the [food club] events.

Expect more food club events down the line.

There's going to be a program for the restaurant, for the food club and for the catering. So we're going to expand and triple in size and employees. You either do it or you don't. And you can't do it with a small staff and kill your employees. So we want to bounce back on the food club scene here in Montreal before we take it down south to Boston, New York and to Toronto. The idea is honestly to take it coast to coast within the next five years. It's doable.

Mike's ninth food club event - a five course affair with cocktails and guest chef John Winter Russell - drops Thursday, October 9 from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Cost is $150, plus a $9.50 fee. Get more info and purchase tickets here.

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