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Hugue Dufour Responds to Michelin Star Accolade

The M. Wells Steakhouse man spoke about the honour yesterday.

Hugue Dufour
Hugue Dufour
Le Steakhouse Documentary

The only chef from Quebec to hold a Michelin star shared his impressions with journalist Marie-Joëlle Parent for Le Journal de Montréal yesterday.

"It's a gift and a surprise. It is mainly a reward for my team who worked so hard," says Hugue Dufour of the honour bestowed on his Long Island City, Queens restaurant, M. Wells Steakhouse, from the eminent restaurant guide.

"In terms of business, it's a form of publicity. We will have more cooks who will want to apply for jobs and more international customers," admits Dufour.

"You have to stay consistent and meet people's expectations. There is a difference between the stars awarded by Michelin in the United States and those in Europe. It's not the same thing."

M. Wells Steakhouse, star and all, will appear in the 2015 Michelin Guide for New York City.

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