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Here's What You Need to Know About La Flèche in the Old Edgar Hypertaverne

A neighbourhood bar on Mont-Royal Est gets a major makeover from Francisco Randez and partners.

Just a logo so far
Just a logo so far
La Flèche

When Eater Montreal last spoke to Francisco Randez, the model/media personality was fresh off the launch of in the old Souvenirs d'Indochine. The purpose of the interview, however, was to discuss the reboot of Edgar Hypertaverne, which shut down this past summer after well over a decade in the Plateau. "I noticed that I don't go out anymore," said Randez at the time. "I mean out. Why? On the Plateau, and even a bit further, there are no places for adults 35 and over. There's no way I'm going to a loud, cramped, uncomfortable club anymore. It's not going to happen."

Randez has taken over the Edgar Hypertaverne space from Éric Le François and others and, with assistance from architect/designer Francois-Martin Mortier d'Aumont and partners and managers Maxime Langlois and Jonathan Fuglewicz, is about to reintroduce the space to Montreal. Enter La Flèche, slated to open sometime in November. The Facebook page for the new bar and restaurant provides some hints about the concept. This is just a portion of the translated text from management.

The bar La Flèche is located on historic avenue du Mont-Royal, in the heart of a neighbourhood that is part of the very DNA of our city: the Plateau Mont-Royal.

It is no coincidence that the team of La Flèche chose this very special area; La Flèche's partners have also left their mark in recent years through successful projects like The Motel, La Porte Rouge, Le Chaud Lapin, Rachel Rachel and Hà. It is the love they have for this unique neighbourhood that brought them together to open La Flèche.

Located in the space that housed the legendary Edgar Hypertaverne, La Flèche is a bar where you can eat well; revelers will get their money's worth and gourmets will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the bar.

La Flèche was created to meet the desires of mature customers who appreciate a warm and inspiring atmosphere, intelligently-sourced products and genuine, professional service.

The goal of La Flèche is to offer an experience inspired by the roots of the neighbourhood, in a sophisticated atmosphere. Until the mid-nineteenth century, forest covered the entire territory of the Plateau Mont-Royal. The area consisted of large farms and hunting grounds for Montreal's bourgeoisie.

These are the roots and the story that inspired chef Pascal Cormier in creating the menu at La Flèche: one based on hunting and local agriculture to create simple and tasty dishes ... a kitchen that still has a taste for travel and sometimes escapes to bring a touch of exoticism from distant lands.

Cuisine aside, La Flèche will not forget to party! In this bar where you're encouraged to eat, you're also encouraged to drink! Wine, beer and premium spirits will all be available, in addition to a list of signature cocktails.

Edgar Hypertaverne

1562, ave. du Mont-Royal Est, Montreal, QC H2J 1Z2 (514) 521-4661