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What Happens When Two Jews Go to La Banquise for Poutine on Yom Kippur?

Sex, Drugs, and Milk & Meat. In Yiddish.

This, the tag line for Yidlife Crisis, from multi-talented performers Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman.

The four-part online sitcom follows best friends Chaimie and Leizer as they "tackle life, love, and lactose intolerance" and nosh around Mile End. Entirely in Yiddish - with subtitles.

The first episode, "Breaking The Fast", sees the pair at Montreal's temple of poutine La Banquise. The rub: it's Yom Kippur. And, horrors, someone wants gravy on the side.

(Bonus reference to the bygone Pumpernick's.)

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