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Pub Burgundy Lion Kicks Off Football-Themed Art Show at Station 16

By famed painter and muralist Ricardo Cavolo.

Pub Burgundy Lion, patron of the football arts
Pub Burgundy Lion, patron of the football arts
Ricardo Cavalo

Pub Burgundy Lion, arguably the most passionate football-centric (or soccer, for the rubes) bar in Montreal, is the co-presenter of Gol Carajo!, a vernissage by painter and muralist Ricardo Cavolo at Station 16 gallery. The theme? Football.

It all starts tonight at 6:00 p.m. at Station 16 (3523 Saint-Laurent), with the after-party at the Lion set for 10:00 p.m. DJ Psychology will be on hand.

Amadeus magazine recently wrote of Cavalo:

Cavolo is equal parts artist and storyteller, weaving intricate narratives with detailed brush strokes and vibrant colors attracting emotions from curious glances. Each of Cavolo’s portraits are smeared with personality, emphasizing not only his keen storytelling but the astuteness and depth with which he creates personas.

His portfolio speaks volumes of his abilities with a brush, ranging from paper to murals to the sides of swift moving trains. Cavolo-touched facades attract thousands of eyes in cities worldwide—you can find his large-scale work all over Europe, North America and the United Kingdom.

That includes Montreal. Cavalo murals grace Trudeau Airport and Frappé bar on the Main.

Gol Carajo! runs at Station 16 until November 5.

Burgundy Lion

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