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All-Bacon Bar Brutus Seeks Redemption With Bacon Sushi

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Brutus adds insult to injury.

Jiro dreams of this sushi. Not.
Jiro dreams of this sushi. Not.

Brutus, the all-bacon bar that won a measure of infamy this past summer on U.S. media sites like BuzzFeed, has not fared well on popular online review sites so far. Many of the comments on Brutus have been, well, brutal.

But the sister bar on Beaubien from Nacho Librealso prone to controversy, has evidently decided to double down on the bacon theme.

Brace for bacon sushi.

Of the gimmicky creation, Brutus writes: "En pleine production de Bacon Sushi. Non, le bacon n'est pas cru mais bien fumé (et délicieux!). 素晴らしい. #baconsushi #foodporn"

The Japanese characters translate as "Great."


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