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Frunchroom Makes Way for Vicolo in Downtown Montreal

Is this the wholesale change management needs to survive?

Inside the old Frunchroom
Inside the old Frunchroom
Grand Prix Montreal

Frunchroom, the "Italian Fusion Resto-Bar" that gave Downtown Montreal a menu of Chicago-ish pizzas and pastas in late 2013, is no more. Principal Mohamad Turkieh told Eater in August that the business was in a cash crunch.

We will reopen soon. It's about partnerships. Within one week, we'll have an announcement. We have a cashflow problem. We had a big difficulty with staff and sales were not good. We opened in a dead season. We had delays with construction and were supposed to open in October but opened in December. January, February and March were dead. That was a big challenge. So we're restructuring with new partners and hope to open soon.

Frunchroom will indeed open soon but as Vicolo, a "restaurant and bar." Few details have emerged about the concept change but management is on a mission to hire cooks, bussers, servers and a "Marketing and PR Executive to manage the new venue."


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