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Fortune Favours Tacos in Little Italy

Trio gives the corner of Saint-Laurent and Beaubien a different look.

Inside Fortune, a new restaurant in Little Italy
Inside Fortune, a new restaurant in Little Italy

The arrival of Fortune, a pusher of tacos, guédilles (a.k.a. roteux de luxe, a lobster roll-like sandwich) and other nostalgic casse-croûte classics, is auxiliary proof that Little Italy is the new land of opportunity for Montreal restaurants.

Principal Zoë Cousineau, who owns Fortune with Kim Martel-Gilbert and Aleksey Cameron, spoke to Eater today about the new spot at 6448 Saint-Laurent.

"I was one of two original owners of Notre Dame des Quilles on Beaubien, but left there at the beginning of 2014. Kim comes from a background in photography, rather than the restaurant world, but there's a strong connection between her areas of interest in photography and the influences Fortune draws upon. Aleksey previously managed the Royal Pheonix bar and is one of the owners of the Pheonix 1 food truck."

Cousineau adds that the genesis of Fortune came from "conversations about roadside chip shacks, lunch counters, taco stands, 'junk food' from childhoods in Lac-Saint-Jean, Montreal and the southern U.S. respectively."

"We also had a collective desire for something small and intimate that's conducive to interacting with other customers and staff. Already in the week we've been open people have started yelling their next taco order into the open kitchen, which makes for a pretty good time."

Fortune is now open for dinner Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday and for lunch and dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. A more official launch is set for November.

Owners will also add "a small but eclectic cocktail and beer menu" when the restaurant's alcohol permit comes in. For now, have a look at the food menu.