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Every Table Has a Beer Tap at New Latin Quarter Pub Saint-Houblon

A new place to drink on lower Saint-Denis. With a crazy comfort food fusion menu.

The Latin Quarter braces for Saint-Houblon
The Latin Quarter braces for Saint-Houblon

Four partners will open Saint-Houblon, a pub-style restaurant with artisanal beers in the Latin Quarter at 1567 Saint-Denis, in November.

The menu at the "bistro bar" is a jumble of comfort foods from all over the map.

Sticky ribs come with a "sesame, spicy soft tofu dressing." Chicken wings include a "chili, orange, scallion, blonde beer and fish sauce glaze." Sausage corn dogs get bedazzled with a "truffle aioli, fried egg, parmigiano reggiano, house glaze." Quite the hodgepodge.

But wait, there's poutine. The standard comes with maple beer syrup, black garlic and Gouda cheese. Which you can top with Peking duck, braised short ribs or crispy chicken.

Divers tacos, satays and nachos play off similar themes.

For vegans, Saint-Houblon suggests sushi rice arancini with avocado guacamole and roasted seaweed. Sweet tooth? Order the French toast with "fleur de sel poached pears, basil and ricotta and Aero chocolate" for dessert.

Beer-wise the pub will source from "the best artisanal brewers in Québec." No word yet on specific labels.

The kicker, however, is that every table at Saint-Houblon has a personal beer tap. Details are murky on just how this will work but the restaurant's website proclaims: "Not only can you pour and drink at your own pace, it also helps us reduce waste!"