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With the Arrival of Kuu Bistro, Montreal May Have Too Many Izakayas

Another Japanese concept comes to the city.

Formerly Hungry Birds and Amir
Formerly Hungry Birds and Amir

A new project has taken over the ill-fated Hungry Birds restaurant at 1219 Phillips Square in Downtown Montreal.

Kuu Bistro, from principal Xi Chun Tang, describes itself as a "friendly izakaya Japanese food concept. We want to make every time here a new experience with our Fresh Oyster Bar! Special house rolls and appetizers!!! All sauce, rolls, meals are homemade!"

The space is sleek, resolutely izakaya-like and a decided upgrade from the previous tenant. Or so some hope.

On the menu: maki rolls, tataki, ramen, tempura and oysters. Kuu is open for lunch and dinner weekdays and for dinner on weekends.