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Montreal Will Finally Get a Venezuelan Fried Cheese Bread Café in December

Teque Teque Boulangerie Café to dish up a national staple.

Latin American snackage in Little Italy
Latin American snackage in Little Italy
Teque Teque

A new café and restaurant at 6583 Saint-Laurent is not the first establishment to serve tequeños, the most popular snack in Venezuela, in Montreal.

But at Teque Teque, the deep-fried cheesy breadstick - named after residents of the city of Los Teques - is a raison d'être.

The Little Italy spot will open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee "sometime in December," reports owners Angulo Zambrano and Wilmer Homero, and will offer newfangled twists on the classic tequeño.

More from Yelp:

We are a young Latin couple that met back in 2004 when we just immigrated to Canada. We started dating, eventually got married and started a family; missing the flavours of our mother nations (Colombia and Venezuela) and wanting to show our kids our traditions, we started cooking the food we missed so much to share with family and friends. One of the favourites was always the "Tequeño" or "Dedito de Queso"; it is our daughter's favourite snack. So that made it a must-have at home.

Along the way we started to try different flavours which everybody loved, and that gave us the idea to open our own store to share our new creations and traditional Latin flavours with the country that opened its arms to us.

With Fortune, a new wave snack counter and taco stand, now close by at 6448 Saint-Laurent, the arrival of Teque Teque cements lower Little Italy's recent cultural and restaurant shift.