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You Can Now Power Lunch at Notkins in Downtown Montreal

As of tomorrow.

Oysters for lunch
Oysters for lunch
Randall Brodeur

Notkins manager Emilie Rainville reports that the swanky new Downtown Montreal oyster and seafood pusher will start lunch service tomorrow, Wednesday, October 29 at 11:30 a.m.

On the menu: seafood sausage, seafood pot pie, brisket, a turkey burger, fish tacos, party sandwiches, soups (three types) and, of course, oysters, shrimp cocktail and a few tartares.

Have a look at this comprehensive photo gallery of the restaurant.

Notkins, bar à huîtres

1101, rue Bleury, Montreal, QC H2Z 1W1 (514) 866-1101 Visit Website