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This is What You Need to Know About the Second Cat Café in Montreal and North America

Felines and food came to the Plateau this month. Again.

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This is Gustave, we think
This is Gustave, we think
Chantal Levesque

Mere weeks after the launch of the first cat café in North America, another merger of felines and coffee has come to Montreal.

Crowdfund success story Café Chat L'Heureux (chaleureux, get it?) is at 172 Duluth Est, corner l'Hôtel de Ville.

The café's spiritual pilot is Clément Marty. Marty is a nomadic sort whose LinkedIn profile includes recent stints as a beach attendant in Nice, a farmhand in Bundaberg, Australia, a temp in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and a security guard in Chicoutimi.

Add cat café owner/operator to the list.

Café Chat L'Heureux, like Le Café des Chats on Saint-Denis, is, by law, two distinct spaces. As the website explains:

The first is a "bistro" section where one can sit quietly at a table to enjoy pastries or gourmet sandwiches. The second area will be a playground for everyone where customers can lay down with cats, play or learn with provided documentation.There are rules at Café Chat L’Heureux as well. Again, from the café's website:


Wake up a cat
Feed a cat
Take a cat on your lap
Use flash photography
Let kids in without supervision

You can:

Play with the cats (toys will be provided)
Take pictures with our cats and share them!
Give a lot of love to our cats

General Rule:

Cats are expressive, if they do not want to be pet or play anymore, let them be, otherwise just like humans, they will let you know they are unhappy!

All the cats-in-residence have names and extensive bios, natch. Food-wise expect sandwiches, salads, sweets, smoothies and a range of coffees and teas.

For more on the second cat café to open in North America, have a look at the photo gallery (with food and beverage menus) and video below.

Some photos by Chantal Levesque.