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Martin Juneau Offers Exclusive Details on New Restaurant Menu

The Pastaga chef talks about his new venture with MTL Cuisine.

Martin Juneau in his kitchen at Pastaga
Martin Juneau in his kitchen at Pastaga
Randall Brodeur

Hot on the heels of this blockbuster announcement today, chef Martin Juneau has offered some exclusive hints about the menu at CommerceGB, the Bar & Boeuf reboot with the MTL Cuisine group.

The menu of Commerce will have a few sections, like seafood/raw bar with classics such as Clams Casino, Oysters Rockefeller, Lobster Thermidor, as well as a fish, a burger, a tartare and aged meats/grillades.

A LOT of vegetables as well but nothing too fancy. Just plain, simple and tasty bar food. Of course the principal owners are MTL Cuisine but I will be able to bring my vision. Nice wine list and we are going to announce pretty soon who will be the sommelier. It's going to be quite cool!

Look for CommerceGB to open later this fall at 500 McGill in Old Montreal.

Bar & Boeuf

500 rue McGill, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2H6 514-866-3555