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Ex Globe Chef J-P Miron Pops Up at La Société Downtown

This week and next.

J-P Miron comes to La Societé
J-P Miron comes to La Societé

J-P Miron may no longer have a gig at the bygone Globe but the chef is busy with other projects.

First up, a pop-up at the La Société bar in the Hôtel Loews Vogue at 1415 rue de la Montagne.

Miron and his Globe brigade, which includes Mark D'aigle of Chaud Dogs, will work the stoves October 30, 31 and November 1 and for three services next week as well. This is all part of Tourisme Montréal's MTL à TABLE, of which Globe was to take part.

Call the restaurant at (514) 507-9223 to reserve.

Société Bistro

1415 de la Montagne, Montreal, Quebec H3G 1P1 514 507 9223 Visit Website