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It Looks Like the Infamous Arëm is Open in Griffintown After All

So confirms a spokesperson for the costly ode to the Ottoman Empire.

The launch party of Arëm back in January 2014
The launch party of Arëm back in January 2014
Duygu E./Foursquare

The restaurant that reportedly cost over $1 million to open in Griffintown and was, at one time and by some accounts, the most expensive in Montreal, is back.

You can reserve a table at Arëm as of this Sunday, a spokesperson for the Turkish restaurant from architect and interior designer Reza Azarpoor tells Eater.

Back in January, The Gazette wrote:

[Arëm] joins the ranks of Montreal’s most expensive restaurants, with only one dining option: a four-course table d’hôte at $150, before tax, tip and wine. Bottles of wine start at $100. Do the math: that’s $520 for two with wine and a 15-per-cent tip.

“Arëm is something new for Montreal,” said the 30-year-old executive chef and owner Reza Azarpoor. “Montreal needs this kind of restaurant.”

Azarpoor is counting on international visitors with deep pockets to fill Arem’s seats: “epicureans with higher incomes, from all over the world, [especially] the U.S. and Europe, but also Montrealers.”

Arëm's Facebook page is currently down. So, too, is the restaurant's Instagram profile. A once-active Twitter page has been dormant since March and the restaurant's last Yelp review was on February 1. The last Foursquare check-in? Late January.

All about to change, says the spokesperson: "The Facebook page will be up soon and we welcome new customers to try our autumn menu."


1619b rue William, Montreal, Quebec H3J 1R1 (514) 846-1234