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Stop Asking Antonio Park When Lavanderia is Opening

Patience grasshoppers.

Antonio Park is a busy man
Antonio Park is a busy man
Randall Brodeur

Chef Antonio Park knows everyone is in brace mode for his ode to the parrillas of his youth in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. But he wants everyone to calm down.

"Sneak Peek of my Childhood memories restaurant 'LAVANDERIA' Everybody is asking me when will it be open? It will be open, when it will be ready! It's like food, it's only ready when the flavours come together," Park wrote on social media yesterday before posting a photo of the unfinished space on Victoria in Westmount, next to his eponymous flagship restaurant.

Park, in typical Park style, then unleashed a flurry of hashtags that go a long way to explaining what the new restaurant will be all about.

#Lavanderia #fortheloveofthegame #asado #binchotan #allcharcoal #sustainable #fish #seafood #veggies #local #seasonal #parrillada #completa #empanadas #jamonyqueso #madioca #chimichurri

Park Restaurant

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