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Sugoi! Kinka Izakaya is Now Open in the Faubourg Downtown

Have a look at the menu.

Cut the ribbon, sling the noodles
Cut the ribbon, sling the noodles

This past Saturday saw the Montreal debut for the Toronto restaurant group behind the wildly popular Guu SakaBar and Kinton Ramen. Yes, Kinka Izakaya is now open in the Faubourg.

A weekend visitor to Kinka and native of Japan offers this succinct postmortem: "Finally, Guu is in town. Real izakaya atmosphere."

James Hyunsoo, the CEO of Kinka Family Inc., told a few months ago that "the menu [at Kinka in Montreal] will be similar to that of Guu Izakaya and Guu SakaBar in Toronto."

Now, at last, a glimpse at that menu, divided between small starters, cold and hot tapas, salads, fried items, noodles and desserts. (Bold forecast: the likes of karaage, okonomiyaki and kaisen udon will play well with the Concordia University crowd.)


1624 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Ville-Marie, QC H3H 2S7 (514) 750-1624 Visit Website