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Watch This Exclusive Trailer for Chef Charles-Antoine Crête's New Show, À table avec l'ennemi

À table avec l'ennemi stars the ex-Toqué! chef and journalist Frédérick Lavoie.

While Montreal waits for Charles-Antoine Crête to open his new restaurant with partner Cheryl Johnson, the Toqué! and Majestique chef's new documentary program is set to debut this week.

À table avec l'ennemi is the Quebec version of Dining With the Enemy. The successful program from Norway saw a war correspondent and top chef host and cook for two guests from opposite sides of some of the world’s most violent conflicts.

The TV5 project from Montreal-based Media Ranch follows Crête and journalist Frédérick Lavoie on "peace missions" and gastronomic adventures in the likes of Chiapas, Rwanda and Afghanistan.

Media Ranch will collaborate with New York-based My Tupelo Entertainment to produce an English-language version of Dining With the Enemy for North America.

You can watch À table avec l'ennemi as of this Thursday, November 13 at 8:00 p.m. on TV5.