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Ruby Foo's Upgrades on Décarie With Wood-Fired Pizza

With a veteran New York chef.

Il Figo comes to Décarie
Il Figo comes to Décarie
Ruby Foo's

Eggspectation took over the food and beverage side of the venerable Hôtel Ruby Foo's on Décarie this past April. Now the breakfast chain is set to unveil the makeover of Bianco Nero, the hotel's bygone flagship restaurant.

If management can staff up over the next week, expect Mediterranean restaurant Il Figo to open by the end of the month.

A spokesperson for Eggspectation reports that the menu will make ample use of a wood-fired pizza oven that was on site in the old Bianco Nero, as well as a new wood-fired grill for meats and seafood.

Il Figo's chef, Christian Schwaiger, comes to Ruby Foo's via New York, where he had stints at the likes of The Odeon, 50 Carmine, Sapa, Sumile and under Gray Kunz at Lespinasse. Schwaiger also ran the kitchen at the Beija Flor resort in Costa Rica.

The, ahem, expectation for Eggspectation is to attract not just hotel guests to Il Figo but patrons from nearby T.M.R., Hampstead, Snowdon and beyond.

"A 60/40 mix is ideal," affirms the spokesperson.

Hôtel Ruby Foo's

7655 Boulevard Décarie, Montreal, PQ H4P 2H2 (514) 731-7701