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Dan Geltner IN as Partner and Executive Chef at SuWu

The former L'Orignal chef is busier than ever.

Change on the Main
Change on the Main

Zach Macklovitch, a principal in Suwu on the lower Main, announces to Eater today that Dan Geltner is in as as a new partner and executive chef at the restaurant.

Geltner, formerly at L'Orignal, will be joined by veteran chef de cuisine Antony Nassif, late of L’Orignal and Au Pied De Cochon.

The kitchen shuffle comes a year and a half after Macklovitch and Nathan Gannage took over management of the old Cafeteria and leveraged their backgrounds as nightlife and electronic music promoters to rejig the space. In a One Year In interview in May, Macklovitch described the duo's approach to menu collaboration.

"It was more like we have a vision for our restaurant and we will work with you as our head chef to create a product that we know will sell. A lot of times chefs will create something that they think is really interesting that A. they can't do at the level they would like or B. that won't sell."

With the recent shutter of Globe just down the block, this additional statement from the SuWu partner is more relevant than ever:

We need to revive people's interest in coming out to the Main again.

"We need to revive people's interest in coming out to the Main again. Whether it's here or at a place like Majestique or Maïs … these are cool spots and when they're doing well it means that I'm doing well. If I have a good weekend, they have a good weekend. I want to see more traffic, more people coming to this neighbourhood because knock on wood, SuWu's here to stay."

ICYMI, Geltner will also partner with serial bar and restaurant impresario Dave Schmidt to open La Maison Sociale in the old Green Room / Le Comme Chez Soi.

Geltner's SuWu kitchen debut will take place on November 15 for brunch and November 17 for dinner.


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