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Food Celebrity Alton Brown Will Play Place des Arts Next March

You can buy tickets for Alton Brown Live! The Edible Inevitable Tour as of this Friday, November 14.

The poster boy foodist comes to Montreal
The poster boy foodist comes to Montreal
Alton Brown

Television personality, celebrity chef and author Alton Brown will take his Edible Inevitable Tour to Montreal on March 28.

Brown is most famous as the creator and host of the Food Network television show Good Eats, the likes of Feasting on Asphalt and Feasting on Waves, and as the host and principal commentator on Iron Chef America and Cutthroat Kitchen.

Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier will host the Montreal stop of The Edible Inevitable Tour, a two hour show that blends "comedy, food experimentation, talk show antics, multimedia lecture, and, for the first music."

Have a look at this short preview (in which Brown appears to crib Joe Beef chef Fred Morin's epic line from Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown that "food is feces in waiting"):