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Finally, Quebec Gets a Poutine School

A new Planète Poutine facility will serve as a wellspring for new franchises.

First rule of Poutine U - lose the big red bowl
First rule of Poutine U - lose the big red bowl
Planète Poutine

Trois-Rivières poutine pusher Planète Poutine will open a poutine school, of sorts, in Drummondville.

The school will train new franchisees, employ eight full-time teachers and will be open to the public with the standard Planète Poutine menu. A menu that contains, at last count, some 20 poutines, from your classic variety to more whimsical versions like "Général Tao" and a "Mexicaine".

Owner Yves Junior Boissonneault explained the rationale behind the idea to La Tribune reporter Yannick Poisson.

"Training my prospective franchisees in a school which recreates the actual restaurant is an incredible opportunity for the chain. In addition, Drummondville offers all the amenities necessary to ensure that my franchisees have a pleasant stay."

Planète Poutine currently operates 14 franchises across Quebec, with ambitious plans to double by the end of 2015. The chain began in 2012.

Drummondville, of course, is home to legendary cheese curd maker Fromagerie Lemaire and diner Le Roy Jucep, a pillar on the poutine pilgrimage circuit.

Planete Poutine

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