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Watch In The Weeds With Alex Cruz of Société-Orignal

Two words: pineapple weed.

"It's fucked up man. It's a plant that tastes like oysters."

This, Alex Cruz's assessment of Gaspé sea parsley, in In The Weeds.

The Société-Orignal principal is the latest subject of the "web series that showcases the thrill and skill of foraging for fresh food."

In the brief clip Cruz describes the ethos behind Société-Orignal, the company that he and partner Cyril Gonzales built to develop food products in partnership with families and businesses throughout Québec. The duo recently opened an office in New York, where chef clients include Paul Liebrandt, Daniel Humm, Daniel Boulud and Andrew Carmellini.

Cruz also introduces viewers to pineapple weed, otherwise known as wild chamomile or disc mayweed, and, in a nod to indigenous First Nations culture, torches dried wild coltsfoot to make a curing salt.

Société Orignal

5550 Fullum, Montreal, QC (514) 886-5664