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La Queue de Cheval Got Another Weird Yelp Review

First it was an expletive-laced tirade. Now this.

A double poutine gravy dip?
A double poutine gravy dip?
Randall Brodeur

In September a Yelper told "the boss" at La Queue de Cheval (Peter Morentzos we presume) to watch his potty mouth.

Now another amateur critic has come forward with a pointed criticism of the steakhouse's back alley burger bar.

In a review dated November 8, a Gavin S. writes:

I had a bite of my friend's QDC Burger (from the counter in back) a few months ago after a late night of drinking and I remember it being very good. But when I went back last night, it was nothing like I remembered. The meat itself was not very well seasoned (it was good beef, but that's all it tasted like). The bun was also over-toasted, making it quite hard on the outer shell. But the worst part was at one point while waiting for our burgers, someone from inside the restaurant (maybe 25-30, wearing a suit) came to hang out with the cooks, and was eating fries out of the basket without gloves, dipping them directly in the poutine gravy...didn't see if he double-dipped but it still seemed very unsanitary!

In the fairness to the splashy Downtown Montreal steakhouse, it currently holds an average 3.5 stars on Yelp, after 72 reviews.

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La Queue de Cheval

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