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Misogyny is Back on the Menu at Montreal Bar Nacho Libre and This Time it Involves Kim Kardashian

Infamous Rosemont bar has a "laugh" with the photo that broke the Internet.

Oh Nacho Libre, will you ever learn?
Oh Nacho Libre, will you ever learn?
Nacho Libre

The bar that made a crass rape joke on a sidewalk A-frame still has a lot to learn about women and misogyny, apparently.

In case you were under a rock in Montreal last February, Rosemont's Nacho Libre made headlines when it posted a Facebook photo of a sandwich board sign with this joke scrawled in chalk: "Pick-up line of the day: does this tissue smell like chloroform?"

Another message on the bar's Facebook page–"I like my beer like I like my violence: domestic."–elicited controversy as well.

Nacho Libre's owner told Eater at the time that it was all "harmless."

We kind of find it mind-boggling. We're not promoting rape here. We're not saying that rape is normal and that people should be getting raped. It's dark humour, not for kids, but apparently some people choose to interpret it differently.

Management's sense of decorum slid in the wrong direction today, again, when it posted this crass video to Nacho Libre's Facebook page.

"Comment verser une bière avec Kim"–or "How to pour a beer with Kim"–involves a beer tap and the by now infamous Jean-Paul Goude "Break the Internet" photo of Kim Kardashian for Paper magazine.

ICYMI, Nacho Libre's sister bar, Brutus, recently made viral waves with an all-bacon menu that included Jägermeister poutine and bacon vodka. Customer reviews have been mixed, to put it mildly.


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Nacho Libre

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