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Top Food Truck Landry & Filles to Open Snack Bar on December 4

From food truck to snack bar.

Big move for this trio
Big move for this trio
Landry & Filles

The food truck that gave Montreal ploye–a.k.a. New Brunswick-style buckwheat pancakes–will open a snack bar on December 4.

Final countdown; jeudi prochain IT'S ON #landryetfilles #montreal #snackbar #enfin

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Landry & Filles is a Montreal food truck luminary. Owners Marc Landry, Josée-Ann Landry and Lisa-Marie Veillette will now look to emulate the successful brick-and-mortar transition from the likes of Grumman 78 at 4764 Papineau, corner Gilford.

The restaurant will be open from Thursday to Sunday for now, from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. The snack bar has 32 seats–Veillette calls it a "simple yet granny-infused comfortable space."

Bonus: they just got their liquor permit.