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Vandal Defaces Beloved Saint-Henri Café and Sandwich Shop Campanelli

Owner Tony Campanelli maintains his sense of humour.

The cost of gentrification?
The cost of gentrification?
Tony Campanelli

Tony Campanelli took a sarcastic tone today in his bid to endure, once more, the wholesale vandalism of his eponymous café, sandwich and retail shop: "Everyone needs an avenue to express themselves, even haters. They did this with anger and hate not realizing that when I came in this morning my eyes were filled with joy. I love performance art and this looks dope. #‎happyholidays"‬

In truth, however, the defacement of Campanelli–and other Sud-Ouest businesses–has become all-too-common. Just how common? "At least three times a year," says Campanelli. "I now set aside a minimum of $3,000 a year for vandalism. Windows, theft, paint, acid, etc. Not worth claiming."


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