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Arson Attack at Restaurant With Rizzuto, Mafia Links

Molotov cocktail thrown at La Cantina in Ahuntsic.

Another week, another firebomb attack at a Montreal restaurant.

The latest victim, La Cantina in Ahuntsic, on the corner of Legendre and Saint-Laurent, has a sordid history. Owner Federico Del Peschio was murdered in front of the restaurant in 2009. The 59-year-old convicted drug trafficker was a former cellmate and confidant of Montreal Mafia don Nicolo Rizzuto, Sr.

Firefighters were called to La Cantina at approximately 1:00 a.m. Monday morning. A small fire was quickly put out. The arson squad is now on the case.

There have been roughly half a dozen arson attempts at Montreal bars and restaurants in 2014.