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Holiday Brunch Gets A Texan Touch at Icehouse

Chef/owner Nick Hodge talks migas, beans and huevos.

He likes a good breakfast burrito.
He likes a good breakfast burrito.

For the third year in a row, Nick Hodge and the Icehouse crew are opening their doors for a special holiday brunch over two weekends this December. Starting on Saturday, December 13 and wrapping up Sunday, December 22, their Tex-Mex inspired menu will run from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Hodge spoke this week about his menu and getting in the brunching spirit.

We figured Jesus' birthday was a good occasion for huevos rancheros.

"People often asked if we did a brunch, so we figured Jesus' birthday was a good occasion for huevos rancheros. I'd say we just got carried away by a little holiday spirit. Montreal is a brunch Mecca so everything works. The only thing we've changed for this year is the reservation policy. We tried to do set service times and folks seemed a bit put out. This year we'll sit y'all whenever y'all like!"

On this year’s menu.
"To be honest with you, the breakfast burrito, my all-time favorite food, has always been, and continues to be my inspiration for being in this industry. We'll throw our name in the hat for Eater Montreal's next big breakfast sandwich though. Also, don’t miss the migas and "Cowboy" beans!"

And finally, fun brunch drinks?
"Sazeracs, boozy coffees, spicy-as-hell Caesars, and, of course, bourbon lemonade."

To pre-reserve a spot, contact Icehouse via Twitter or just call the restaurant: (514) 439-6691.

Here, the 2013 Icehouse holiday brunch menu.


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