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Satay Brothers Makes Way for Réunion Caterer, Restaurant in Saint-Henri

Marmite su'l feu, a market standby, makes a brick and mortar move.

From Singapore to Réunion
From Singapore to Réunion
Marmite su'l feu, Google Street View

The winter home of Satay Brothers at 3911 Saint-Jacques Ouest is now in the hands of Réunion Island cuisine pusher Marmite su'l feu.

The caterer operates a stand seven days a week at Marché Saint-Jacques and has been a summer hawker constant at Marché Atwater, along with Satay Brothers.

Now Marmite su'l feu has a brick-and-mortar space, as of this week, and a turn to the services traiteur side of the business. The Satay Brothers digs have been redone with Réunion Island touches and overt efforts to mute the sit-down restaurant feel.

Owners stress, however, that customers can still come and dine at Marmite su'l feu–there are picnic tables and the restaurant is open between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday.

Satay Brothers co-owners Alex and Matt Winnicki, meanwhile, will relocate to a new permanent space on Notre-Dame Ouest sometime in 2015.