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This is Your Exclusive First Look at Mimi la Nuit in the Former Piano Rouge in Old Montreal

A photo gallery of the remade space on Saint-Paul. All photos by Randall Brodeur.

Mimi la Nuit, a new "petite boîte de nuit" with "cuisine décoifée", is about set to open with ex-Van Horne chef Eloi Dion in the kitchen. Principals include architect Michel Lemieux, Edward Zaki (Chez Victoire, BarBounya) and Simple Plan member Jeff Stinco (Mangiafoco, Le Shinji, Laurea, Lorbeer, Drinkerie).

"We're thrilled to be working with a chef of Eloi's caliber," announced Stinco in September. "We're extremely fortunate to have him."

Lemieux was the architect on the project and La Firme was responsible for the design. The boutique firm's work is also on display at the likes of Huis Clos, Lili Co. and Manitoba.

The partners hope to open Mimi la Nuit by next Wednesday.

Addendum, December 5: Mimi la Nuit's alcohol permit is in and the restaurant is now open.

Mimi la nuit

22 Rue St-Paul Est, Montreal, QC (514) 507-5449 Visit Website