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Bottega Prepares to Open Pizza Al Taglio Restaurant San Gennaro in 2015

Formal announcement made today.

More pizza for Little Italy
More pizza for Little Italy
San Gennaro

Word broke this past July of Bottega Pizzeria's plan to expand next door on Saint-Zotique Est in Little Italy with a slab pizza concept.

It seems management signed a lease for the space two years ago with the intention of opening an aperitivo spot. In typical fashion, however, the city was difficult with the alcohol permit.

Now chef and partner Fabrizio Covone wants to put his two months spent at Rome's top slab pizza spots to good use. The restaurant will serve the Lazio staple, as well as focacce, coffee and cornetti. The plan is to open seven days a week as of 7:00 a.m.

Today, months later, the popular pizza napoletana restaurant served up some concrete intel on the new venture. The name of the pizza al taglio/caffè/dolci restaurant is San Gennaro.

Brace for pizza al trancio, soon, in Little Italy.


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