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Fabergé, Roux Food Truck Chef to Open Perfecto on Duluth

Principals in the project have ample bar experience.

Roux food truck
Roux food truck

A chef at a popular breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant in Mile End is about to pivot to the Plateau.

Eric Rice, who cooks at Fabergé on Fairmount and is familiar to fans of the restaurant's Roux food truck, will open Perfecto with a couple of partners on Duluth, close to Saint-Laurent.

Fabergé owner Devin DeSousa reports that Rice's spot will occupy the former Triangulo at 20 Duluth Est. Rice's partners reportedly have experience at bars on Saint-Denis. DeSousa, on Rice's behalf, describes Perfecto as "very rock, punk, indie."

"Eric will match his kitchen creations with his partners' bar prowess."

The principals hope to open Perfecto "as soon as possible."

In the interim, Rice is at work on a menu revamp at Fabergé.


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