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Nora Gray Chef Emma Cardarelli Names Her Favourite Montreal Spots

In a "My Montreal" interview with The Gazette Urban Expressions.

Nora Gray
Nora Gray
Randall Brodeur

Amie Watson's regular "My Montreal" segment with Montreal chefs features Emma Cardarelli of Nora Gray this week. The interview touches on a range of subjects, from her time at Liverpool House under Dave McMillan and Fred Morin, to her weekend routine.

Along the way the Mile End resident lists her go-to spots, such as Lawrence, Boucherie Lawrence, Myriade II, Bishop & Bagg, Buvette Chez Simone, MonNan, Caffè in Gamba, Café Névé, Pikolo, Olimpico, Hof Kelsten, Campanelli and Le Vin Papillon.

On whom she admires, Cardarelli cites a veteran restaurateur.

Lenny Lighter, the owner of Moishes. He’s a restaurateur with style and class. He’s got a very well-balanced lifestyle, which I truly admire because it’s very easy in this industry to get carried away.

Cardarelli also thinks Montreal stacks up well as a food city.

To me, Montreal is in competition for best culinary city in North America only with San Francisco—the food scene in San Francisco is sick. The produce and quality of the ingredients there is incredible. Toronto and New York are interesting food cities, but the menus there are pretty staid.

Nora Gray

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