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Donair Cité Gives the Latin Quarter a Fast Food Taste of the Maritimes

Expats from New Brunswick to Newfoundland rejoice.

Donair Cité is here
Donair Cité is here
Donair Cité

A Halifax transplant has given UQAM students and other Latin Quarter denizens a taste of home, in the form of Donair Cité. The restaurant at 2070 Saint-Denis serves up a spin on Turkish-style doner or Greek-style gyro made popular in the Atlantic provinces at chains like King of Donair and Greco.

CultMTL writes that:

Creating the perfect donair sauce is no easy feat, according to Donair Cité’s owner, Todd Langseth. He makes the sauce in small batches every day because the risk of a large batch not turning out right is too high. The recipes for the sauce and the spice mix were entrusted to him by his father (the longtime operator of a Halifax donair hotspot) and tweaked slightly for the Montreal palate—the meat is a touch spicier, for example.

Langseth elaborates on the concept on Facebook:

The taste of the famous Halifax Donair finally comes to Quebec for the first time ever! This is the REAL HALIFAX DONAIR.

Originally located at 374-A Herring Cove Road in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Paul's Pizza gained notariety for its superb donairs.

When the restaurant closed its doors more than a decade ago, the family-owned and operated eatery was simply - no more. That is until Paul's son, Todd, decided it was time to bring the donair to Quebec - a province that had never offered a donair before.

Bringing back an old family recipe and introducing it to a brand new crowd is just what Quebecers need - Something new, something original. So if you're ever passing through Quebec you'll take comfort in knowing you'll be able to grab an authentic Halifax Donair en Francais!