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Chef Sophie Tabet on Her Montreal Return to Open Chez Sophie in Griffintown

From Montreal to France to Italy to Beirut and back.

Sophie Tabet inside the kitchen of Chez Sophie in Griffintown
Sophie Tabet inside the kitchen of Chez Sophie in Griffintown
Marc-Olivier Bécotte

In a recent interview with the TVA blog, Sophie Tabet talks about her origins as a chef and explains why she came back to the city to open Chez Sophie in June.

"I started in Montreal cafés. When I turned 17, Roberto Stabile, of Primo & Secondo, took me under his wing and showed me everything. When he saw that the world of cuisine fascinated me, my father suggestged I study in France at the Paul Bocuse Institute. After my studies, I worked in restaurants in France and Italy before opening the original Chez Sophie with my husband and my brother in Lebanon, in 2010. After three years, it was time for me to return here"

If I have to open somewhere, it will be here!

"When I returned to Montreal after a few years, I saw a wide variety of exceptional products and some very good new restaurants. As for Griffintown ... my brother took me to Burgundy Lion during a visit. I thought, 'If I have to open somewhere, it will be here!' I appreciate history and the arts, and the neighborhood abounds in both."

No matter that Pub Burgundy Lion is in Little Burgundy, not Griffintown. The Sud-Ouest is fortunate to have Tabet back in the Montreal fold.

Chez Sophie

1974 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Le Sud-Ouest, QC H3J 1M8 (438) 380-2365 Visit Website

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