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Freak Flood Forces Bouillon Bilk to Close

Huge shock for owners, who recently renovated the Downtown Montreal restaurant.

Murphy's law, says owner
Murphy's law, says owner
Bouillon Bilk

Management and staff of Bouillon Bilk got a major surprise when they came in to work yesterday. A burst pipe from an upstairs apartment caused significant damage overnight. The restaurant, which took several weeks off earlier in the year to expand and renovate, must now close for repairs.

Flustered but resolute co-owner Melanie Blanchette hopes to open by the weekend.

On espère fort fort fort réouvrir samedi alors ce soir, avant dormir, s'il te plait fais une prière pour nous. Tu sais on est super choyé depuis le début de notre resto, je pense que c'est normal de rencontrer des 'bad lucks'. On va passer au travers!

Addendum, December 15: Bouillon Bilk is open for business.


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