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These Montreal Restaurants Were Fined a Total of $88,350 Last Month

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A November windfall for the city.

New management has since taken over this Brûlerie St. Denis
New management has since taken over this Brûlerie St. Denis
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The list of restaurants that ran afoul of Montreal inspectors last month is out and there are a few surprises.

  • Pushap, a prominent Indian restaurant on Paré, close to Décarie, was fined a total of $4,300 for two separate incidents in 2013 related to the storage of produce. A Pushap on the West Island was fined $9,950 in 2011.
  • Tokyo Sushi in Downtown Montreal was fined $2,750 for unsanitary conditions.
  • A Brûlerie St-Denis outlet (now under new management) faces $3,400 in fines for three unsanitary and storage incidents in 2013.
  • The now-shuttered Claremont in N.D.G./Westmount must pay a $1,400 fine related to improper produce storage.
  • Popular Snowdon brunch spot Tiffanys was fined $1,300 for improper food storage.
  • Niu Kee in Chinatown was hit with a $2,000 fine for unsanitary conditions.
  • Zheng Qing Qiao, also in Chinatown, was fined for the same infraction for $3,000.
  • A.A. in Saint-Henri, a cult poutine favourite, was fined $1,500 for unsanitary conditions in an incident from September 2013.
  • Beaubien Bagel was given multiple chances to clean up its act but failed to do so. The result? A $2,800 cumulative fine for four incidents in 2013.

The list of scofflaws includes several small grocery stores and dépanneurs as well. The single worst fine was for $8,000 against Patisserie Maison Mottas, 303 Mozart Est, for two incidents in February 2014 and November 2013.

The tally for November was 40 fines for a total of $88,350.


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