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Heartless Holiday No-Shows Abandon Montreal Restaurant

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Just in time for the holidays.

This was to be the scene at Bungalow on Tuesday
This was to be the scene at Bungalow on Tuesday

Bungalow, a neighbourhood restaurant in the Plateau on Saint-Hubert and Rachel, is closed on Tuesdays. When owner Ari Goudsouzian fielded a request over the weekend to host a group of 16 to 20, however, he saw it as a prime opportunity to reap some bonus business over the holidays.

Unfortunately for Goudsouzian, the group bailed without notice.

"I confirmed with a client on Sunday afternoon for Tuesday. By 9:30 p.m. we gave up and closed up shop. With no answer on her mobile she left us no choice. It's the price of business but there is no excuse for this kind of behaviour from an adult. Maybe we just expect too much of people? A simple phone call is all that was needed."

The Bungalow principal reports that the group did not make a down payment.

"We found that asking for down payments scares people away from making reservations. They don't want to take responsibility for any mishaps."

The inconsiderate no-shows cost the restaurant "labour for three plus overhead."

"Plus during [the holidays], days off are priceless, especially when family from overseas are visiting for a short period. God only knows how much [money the group] would have spent."

In spite of the unpleasant incident, Goudsouzian's spirits remain high.

"We've got to keep a sense of humour in times like these."

ICYMI, this Montreal restaurant has had 80 no-shows this month so far.

Le Bungalow

4000-4198 Rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC H2L