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Make It 80 No-Shows for M sur Masson This Month Alone

Another restaurant comes forward.

M sur Masson struggles with rude diners
M sur Masson struggles with rude diners
M sur Masson

In the wake of a Plateau restaurant's no-show debacle yesterday, a popular bistro in Rosemont has come forward with similar tales of woe.

Gregory Duval of M sur Masson writes that his 90 seat restaurant has had a miserable 80 no-shows for the month of December so far.

People reserve and do not show up, simple as that. Last week it was a table of ten. Yesterday it was five or six tables of four. Another time a table of 12. Last week we had a group of 50 booked and when they arrived they were 35.

Duval adds that on occasions when M sur Masson asks customers for a deposit they generally refuse and 'threaten' to take their business elsewhere. A spokesperson for the association that represents restaurants in Quebec has some suggestions for the no-show weary.

Addendum—December 17, 3:16 p.m.: Duval writes in to say that a table of six did not show for a lunch reservation today.

M sur Masson

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