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Ça Va Barder!, a New Meat Shop and Lunch Counter on Fleury

All artisanal all the time in Ahuntsic.

Jerky on Fleury
Jerky on Fleury
Google Street View

It took a year but we finally know the identity of Ahuntsic's mystery butcher.

The food scene on Fleury Ouest will upgrade in February with Ça Va Barder! (i.e. sparks will fly, the shit will hit the fan), a "boucherie-charcuterie artisanale" that will mix "French tradition with North American inspiration."

Principals Alexis Bissonnette and Thierry Holdrinet have food truck plans as well, it seems.

The venture pledges to provide:

· Ethical, local products with a focus on animal well-being, traceability and low carbon footprints
· A large selection of dry-aged meat
· House charcuteries: sausages, saucissons, terrines, boudins, rillettes and more
· Prepared dishes for take-out
· A selection of gourmet products and deluxe grocery items
· Homemade jerky–fittingly, the shop's phone number is (514) 564-JRKY
· A lunch menu made up of smoked meats, rôtisserie poultry and charcuteries

The shop and lunch counter will occupy the old Boutique Francine at 55 Fleury Ouest.

ca va barder

55 Fleury ouest, Montreal, QC (514) 564-5759