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The New Pizzeria Magpie is Officially Open in the Village

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Wood-fired pizza comes to Amherst.

Inside the new Magpie
Inside the new Magpie
Diego Martin / Magpie Manager

Brothers Boris and Peter Popovic unveil their second Pizzeria Magpie at 1237 Amherst in the Village at 5:30 p.m. today.

"We decided that the new location on Amherst between Ste-Catherine and René-Lévesque was an ideal choice because of the large and expanding residential population and because of the redeveloping retail/commercial sector," the former told Eater last month. "It also enables our east-end clientele the opportunity to have a Magpie pizza without having to travel all the way to the Mile End."

Regular patrons of the original Magpie on Maguire, corner Saint-Laurent, take note:

"For the most part, the food and menu will remain unchanged. We will still be focusing on wood-fired pizza, fresh oysters, and fun cocktails, but we will also be adding some new pasta dishes and enhancing some of the seafood and oyster options."

Notable staff news:

"Our chef at the new location will be Federico Ghergo. He is from Italy and has worked with us at Magpie for a couple of years on and off. We are also pleased to have Will Cody (chef-owner at Maïs) as our general manager who will oversee the daily operations but who will also provide input and contribute ideas for the menu."

The new Magpie is now open from Tuesday to Sunday between 5:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.. Reserve by phone (514) 544-2900 or by e-mail: magpieamherst at gmail dot com. Management will add lunch service soon.

Pizzeria Magpie

1237 Amherst, Montreal, QC (514) 544-2900