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Fairmount Bagel Finally Has Twitter and It's Hysterical

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Sesame seed, poppy seed and a side of yuks.

Fairmount makes a funny
Fairmount makes a funny
Darrell and Rosemary Nicholson

The oldest bagel shop in Montreal is almost 100. Forgive it if it jumps on the social media bandwagon a little late.

But there Fairmount Bagel was, a week ago, on Twitter. The iconic Mile End shop has since amassed over 3,000 followers, thanks in no small part to a deluge of cheeky, hysterical and strange tweets.

It all began on November 26.

Here's a shot at the bygone D.A.D.'s Bagels in N.D.G.



This hashtag game.

Jay Z would be proud.

Fairmount Bagel is quite the hip hop fan, evidently.

And finally, some epic shade at a famous Mile End rival.

Addendum, December 5: Fairmount Bagel's owner reports that the Twitter account is fake. (But does it matter?)

Addendum, December 15: The Fairmount Bagel Twitter account has been suspended.

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Fairmount Bagel

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