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Pooptine? Yelpers Disembowel Old Montreal Poutine Restaurant

Prepare to cringe.

Online critics use words like botulism and grungy.
Online critics use words like botulism and grungy.
Montreal Poutine

Montreal Poutine, a "Canadian restaurant" from principal Alain Agostini in Old Montreal known for, well, poutine, has suffered a rash of brutal reviews on Yelp of late.

Let's just dive in to the awkwardness. These testimonials are from September 2014 and on.

"We stopped in to get one thing: Poutine. Fast, hot, poutine. It felt like we were waiting for the potatoes to grow. And then, the fries and gravy were cold." - Tim. L

"Filthy, beyond rude. So bad that we refused to even eat there and walked right out. This place does not deserve to be a Montreal restaurant. If you don't believe me, use their outside, next door, upstairs bathroom and decide for yourself." - Lee P.

"I tried regular poutine, it's not that bad but really oily and fatty, which you can tell from its ingredients." - Zoe S.

"Most anywhere else in town has a better rendition of the dish. By no means awful, just nothing to write home about." - Jonny C.

"I can't believe how filthy this place was." - JoAnna M.

"1) The poutine was disgusting. 2) This place was really dirty. 3) The tiny hamburger was dwarfed by a giant bun. You could barely taste the burger. Our lunch and appetite for the day [was] ruined." - RJ D.

"More like pooptine." - DB S.

"Find someplace else to eat - you can do better." - David K.

"The bathroom is nasty. Really nasty, and the smell wafts into the small dining area when the door is opened. Not good for the old appetite; know what I'm sayin?" - Bob S.

"We can't recommend Montreal Poutine to anyone and we will never come back..." - Soeren F.

"I feel like we were at a grungy ski hill lodge because we had to keep our coats on, bathrooms lacked TP, tables were disgusting and the ketchup bottle looked to be full of botulism." - Amanda D.

"When it comes to Price versus quality and quantity don't eat here, just because it's in old Montreal does not equal good." - Marty D.

Montréal Poutine

161 rue Saint-Paul Est, Montreal, QC H2Y 1G8 (514) 656-0935 Visit Website