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Passionate Pita Pusher Rises From the Ashes of Sandwich Monotony in Downtown Montreal

Look at how this local fast food chain describes itself.

Orange you glad you ate here?
Orange you glad you ate here?
Centrale Bergham

Centrale Bergham, a halal fast food outfit with bold expansion plans from principals Riad Salim Djemai, Driss Nemmiche and Mohamed Amine Battou, is now open in the old Rimal shish taouk shop across from the Faubourg at 1800 Sainte-Catherine Ouest.

With three outlets on Saint-Laurent, Beaubien Est and Côte-des-Neiges, the chainlet serves a stock menu of pita sandwiches and burgers.

This is how Centrale Bergham describes itself:

A world tour of flavours, bite after bite.

That, in a nutshell, is what we are. Centrale Bergham was born of an idea, a concept initiated by a group of dissatisfied Montrealers over the lack of variety of sandwiches offered by the city. From the ashes of that monotony of taste, Centrale Bergham was born!

Reinventing the sandwich is to innovate to serve a range of new products developed from a wide selection of marinated meats, grilled on the spot, all served in a delicious kebab bread.

Our passion for the art of the sandwich is second to none! Our teams develop recipes with flavours of the world, from New Delhi to Paris, from the Maghreb to Montreal.

To celebrate the arrival of the new Downtown Montreal location, Centrale Bergham released this high-octane Yeezus-scored video.

Centrale Bergham

Cote-des-Neiges, Montreal, QC (514) 419-4545