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Brace for a New Satay Brothers in Saint-Henri on January 5

New digs to start the new year.

Satay Brothers is back
Satay Brothers is back
Satay Brothers

The fresh new brick-and-mortar Satay Brothers will open on January 5, reports the cult Singaporean/Southeast Asian street food restaurant. Alex and Matt Winnicki's old space at 3911 Saint-Jacques Ouest recently made way for Réunion Island cuisine in the form of Marmite su'l feu.

Today the brothers finally ended months of anticipation and speculation with this announcement.

Horaire d'ouverture!
Opening up them doors!
3721 Notre-Dame [Ouest]
Jan 5 12:00-18:00
Jan 6 12:00-18:00
Jan 7 12:00-22:00
Jan 8 12:00-22:00
Jan 9 12:00-22:00

This is welcome news for Satay Brothers' cadre of loyal regulars, who have not had a laksa lemak, mee rebus or gado gado fix since the food stall season ended at Atwater Market on October 19.