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Food Writers Name the Top Montreal Restaurant Standbys of 2014

The reliablest.

Hôtel Herman, a consistent fave
Hôtel Herman, a consistent fave
Randall Brodeur

As is tradition at Eater, we close the year with a survey of food critics, writers, and bloggers. This year we posed eight questions, from meal of the year, to top restaurant newcomers. All will be answered by the time we turn off the lights at the end of 2014. Responses have been cut, pasted, and unedited, for the most part. Readers, please do add your survey answers in the comments.

Q: What were your top standbys of 2014?

Lesley Chesterman, The Gazette fine dining critic:
Bouillon Bilk and Hotel Herman are tops right now. I have a soft spot for Lawrence too.

Ève Dumas, La Presse food writer:
Hotel Herman, Nora Gray, Vin papillon, le Comptoir charcuteries et vin, Lawrence, Omnivore, Petit Alep, Olive + Gourmando.

Andrée Harvey, ex-Voir food critic:
Les Brasseurs de Montréal, pour son côté "en dehors du monde" et évidemment ses très bonnes bières brassées sur place. Et parce que ce n'est pas loin de chez moi.

Marie-Claude Lortie, La Presse restaurant critic:
I am not sure what "standby" means but if it means "valeur sûre", as in the "places where I go back all the time" when I am not working, they would be mostly lunch places, because in the evening, I am almost always working. So these fave lunch addresses are Titanic -- will always love the veggie antipasti dish, a real classic -- Olive + Gourmando, also Mandy's and their cool salads. For a sit down meal I'll go to Bouillon Bilk, or then KanBai or Kazu.

Gildas Meneu, Voir food critic, creator of le gourmet galopin blog:
Laloux, toujours Laloux ! Européa, une excellente table, évidemment, mais je n'y retourne pas si souvent ;­) Je suis aussi un grand fan des pizzas de Magpie, presque parfaites.

Sarah Musgrave, The Gazette casual dining critic, enRoute magazine editor:
Le Comptoir, Chez Doval, Thanjai, Le Petit Alep, Foodlab, Dinette Triple Crown, Magpie, Trip de bouffe.