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L'Gros Luxe Set to Double Down in 2015

Management shifts to expansion mode.

More of this, soon
More of this, soon
L'Gros Luxe

In a recent article about the shutter of Cabaret Underworld, CultMTL hints that the trio behind L'Gros Luxe has bold expansion plans.

Partners Alexandre Bastide, Tamir Schlanger and Corey Webb will look to parlay the embryonic hype of cheap comfort food and Mason jar drinks with two new L'Gros Luxe outlets in 2015. With two restaurants in the Plateau and Mile End, this will effectively double the restaurant's capacity.

Bastide told CultMTL that part of the rationale behind the decision to close Cabaret Underworld was that L'Gros Luxe has been "so successful."

In uncertain economic times, the year-old chainlet has won over price-conscious diners with the likes of $6 avocado fries, $6 burgers, $6 tacos, $7 grilled cheese sandwiches and absurdly garnished Caesars.

When asked to comment today L'Gros Luxe's partners did not offer specifics about the imminent expansion. Look for a formal announcement at the end of January.

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